Resistance 3 Beta Info Released


CORRECTION: In the Inside Gaming Daily for July 27, we accidentally reported the European dates for the Resistance 3 beta. The American dates are slightly different and as follows –

An informative yet vague post on the PlayStation blog reveals how and when to participate in the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta. Those with beta codes from SOCOM 4 get first crack at the beta, which starts on August 4. PlayStation Plus subscribers get another stab at it on August 23, when it will become available from the PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store.

All the normies out there will have a harder time of it. The post mentions that there will be “additional ways to get in,” but doesn’t mention what those opportunities are. They say that media partners will be metering out modes, presumably for hoop-jumping steps like following someone on Twitter or liking a Facebook page.

As for the beta itself, it will include two maps and two modes — Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction. You’ll be able to level to a cap of 20, which will unlock guns, perks, skins, and loadouts. No mention on how long the beta will last, but nothing in this world lasts forever eh? Yeah, life’s basically like an 80s power ballad.

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