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I’ll admit it: I try as hard as possible to post something about Batman: Arkham City every day, if I can.  A lot of times it’s just not in the cards, but I’m pleased that this will mark my third consecutive day of posting something about Batman.

That makes this post a “Bat-trick.”  See what I did there?  Yeah.  You saw.

Today, one of my favorite bloggers, Chris Sims, posted his impressions of his time spent playing a demo of the game at last week’s Comic-Con on  Sims, a self-proclaimed Batmanologist, provides some great new details you’ll find in the game.

For one, the developers confirmed that they’ve doubled the animations for counters in combats, as well as doubled the number of takedowns you can perform on the scum of Gotham. Sims also reveals that the Riddler trophies actually do something this time around; if you collect enough of them, you get the opportunity to save one of the many hostages the Riddler has taken and hidden throughout the game.

“In the case of the demo, this involved using both a remote control Batarang (sure to delight fans of Batman Returns) and the new mechanic of being able to change directions in mid-air with your line-launcher (complete with ninja flips) to save someone from being killed by two of the most classic super-villain weapons of choice: giant saw blades and electrified floors.”

Sims also discusses that he got the chance to save Jack Ryder (also known as the DC Comics weirdo, the Creeper) from a gang of thugs, in which he got to try out the interrogation technique that the sequel will feature.  Sims says that the thugs with information “glow green so they’re easy to spot, and while they can be attacked and countered just like any other enemy, the idea here is to save them for last, taking out all of their enemies before grabbing them and intimidating them into giving up the information you need.”

Sims also reports on a moment that will make players feel like they’re truly inhabiting the role of the Dark Knight himself, one that I cannot wait to try out: “There’s also a pretty great moment where Batman drops down into a crowd of about 30 thugs — with a brutal aerial attack, naturally—and half of them just cold run away. Because why wouldn’t they? This is Batman they’re dealing with!”

Definitely do yourself a favor and check out Sims’s post, along with the embedded video of him trying out the demo and chatting with some Rocksteady people about the game.

Is it October yet?

What about now?

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