First Details and SCreenshot of Dishonored


You may be unfamiliar with Dishonored, but it is the new IP from Bethesda and Arkane Studios that currently graces the cover of Game Informer. Here are some details about the game:

You play Corvo, the Empress’ legendary bodyguard. In the beginning of the game you are framed for her murder by Lord Regent, who has planned a coup against the government. What he doesn’t realize is that you are legendary for a reason and are skilled in the art of weaponry and stealth, plus you have super powers to boot. That Regent dude should’ve done his research.

Another interesting feature is how the game combines gameplay elements like mobility, powers, gadgets, environment. and AI. Interestingly, Corvo’s powers don’t do damage to enemies or heal him. They have multiple purposes-some of which help Corvo escape harry situations. You can summon a swarm of rats and use them to attack a guard, then possess one rat and escape into the darkness. Another power has you stopping time to create a diversion in one place to attract guards while you sneak away.

Finally Dishonored has a “chaos” meter that changes the the way the game interacts with the Corvo depending on how violent they are. Unlike other games, there is no “light” and “dark” side, the developers have made it a focal point not to punish the player. This system is behind-the-scenes and will change your decision-making.

via Game Informer

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