Game Sales o’ the Day: Borderlands, Alice, Xbox 360 Console


There are a few deals kicking around that you guys might want to know about today —

First, GamersGate is running a crazy deal on Borderlands. For the next 12 hours, you can get the PC version of the game for a five spot. That doesn’t include any of the game’s DLC, but if you haven’t played it, you’d be mentally handicapped if you don’t pick it up.

Like, seriously. Are you drooling on yourself right now? Seek medication already.

Second, Amazon’s running their typical parade of promotions. The $100 credit on an Xbox 360 console is making a return, but only for the next hour and a half. If you wanted one and it’s no longer available, well, maybe you should read this blog a little more often hmm?

Aside from that, Amazon’s slashed the price of Alice: Madness Returns to $40 for consoles, and $30 for PC. I’d wonder why the price is dropping so fast but I think I already know.

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