Hitman voice actor not returning for Hitman: Absolution


Reports from Hitmanforum.com say that developer IO Interactive has dropped voice actor David Bateson, the original voice of Agent 47 throughout the Hitman series, from their new title Hitman: Absolution. The game is a continuation of the series, but this does raise questions as to how far the new entry will stray from its roots. Jesper Kyd, who scored the previous Hitman games, will not be returning as well.

Surprisingly, Bateson seems to be as in the dark as every one else regarding this situation. It took fans at the Hitman forum to garner a response from the voice actor.

“The absolute truth is: no one from IO Interactive is answering my calls, e-mails or sms,” Bateson said. “Feeling very let down at the moment but I haven’t heard personally.”

This is an excerpt from the letter he supposedly posted on the forum:

“You know, I can even understand IOI not letting me know what’s going on so as to avoid any loss of shine in the build up to the trailer premiere and then E3,” he said. “After repeated mails and sms to the producer and still no reply, I am lost for words.”

I tried to get on the Hitman forum to verify this report, but was unable to do so.  I would find it unlikely that there is someone out there who is impersonating Bateson so this report is probably accurate. This is the petition that is trying to get Bateson his role back.

via NeoGAF

  1. stevometal@yahoo.com

    David bateson is the voice of 47.and should always be,he even has the facial features of agent 47.they already ruined the movie with timothy ohlyfuck,and the director of the Hitman movie should be slaped.agent 47 is a cold blood killer that uses anything and everything around his enviroment to take his target and anyone in his way out,that what made the game for what it is.no mercy.now why ruin the game with some ones voice other than david bateson.

  2. I’m late to the game here, insofar as posting a comment, but…

    I have been following this story since it reared it’s nasty head, online.

    I can’t possibly buy this game ; no Bateson ,no Kyd?

    Bateson’s voice and Kyd’s killer scores… MAKE the Hitman series so special.

    This is beyond insane.

    Utter betrayal.

    It’s painful enough to have to wait 4-5 years between each Hitman game. Worse, still, knowing
    that the series has been destroyed.

    Nothing can convince me that IO’s changes are for the better.

    I’m as intransigent as an evil dictator, when it comes to this subject.

    No Bateson and Kyd? No purchase.

  3. Its sad that so many game companies are solely concerned with rebooting their franchises to squeeze out a few extra bucks while ruining the artistic quality of what made the game great in the first place. The voice and composer for the game isnt the only thing thats changed…looks like they’ve adopted the ever popular cover system for combat. Basically, what IO is saying to us is “we’re ruining everything fans loved about the game in order to sell to a bigger audience…so fuck you for your loyalty throughout the years.”

    Bad move IO, this is going to prove to be the nail nail in your dwindling bank account’s coffin.

  4. Yeah, I agree with many people here. Bring back the original crew and stop worrying about the money. Hell, Its been what at least 5 or 6 years since Blood Money? A: What took so long to make a game, and B: You’d probably make more money if you would just take your time with the game, bring back everyone and listen to your god damn fans, push back the series all you want, just have it meet our expectations. that’s all we wanted from you people.

  5. No Bateson? Piratebay, here I come…

  6. changing 47s voice would be like using anyone other than David Hayter for Solid Snake in the MGS series… it just shouldnt be done and is insulting to loyal fans of the series.

  7. Yeah, I agree.

    IOI needs to take a page out of Blizzard’s book (with the exception being a whore to Activision) and make the game and release it when its done. Too many companies are rushing projects to meet deadlines. I’d rather wait years for an awesome game than get a half assed job now.

    Game developers, wanna know why your stuff gets pirated? Because you don’t make a good enough game to spend 50-60 bucks on. Fan loyalty is what makes the game industry go round. No fans, no cash. If you keep doing stupid things like ditching your VAs without telling them why or not having a good explanation to ditch them after 10+ years of being attatched with the company, you’re gonna lose fans. Sure, you might get money from it and meet your goals, but you won’t gain any new fans. The entertainment industry is there to entertain, not to take shortcuts to just fill the margins.

    Give Bateson some say in it. If he doesn’t want to do it anymore (which he might not, I’m not sure I would after receiving such neglect from a company I’ve worked for), then nothing lost, nothing gained. If he does, awesome. It might cost some extra dosh to re record all the lines but who cares? In the end, you end up with a better product that will please returning fans. Those fans will tell their friends and families to buy it, they’ll take their word for it and buy it. Pretty soon, your market just hit the next generation.

    So show some class.

  8. 47 is already occupied man, why don’t make 48 or 49 or 50 if there is a new guy filling the voice

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