Psychonauts publishing rights go back to Double Fine


The publishing rights to the cult favorite Psychonauts have finally been reverted to Double Fine Productions, the original game’s creator. Double Fine had always owned the IP rights to the franchise, but publishing was a different story. Many believed that the rights acquisition would immediately benefit the developer monetarily, but there are still a couple of hurdles to jump over.

“It’s true the publishing rights have reverted to Double Fine, but there are some more deals that need to be worked out and contracts that need signing before that actually means anything, financially,” said Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine Productions.  After that’s all squared away, we will have some fun stuff to announce! (And no, it’s not Psychonauts 2.)”

I really like Tim Shafer, he’s a cool dude who’s not afraid to take chances in the video game world, so I’m happy that Double Fine Productions is being benefited somehow. We need more developers like them. Although Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster for Kinect…looks…yeah. Nevermind.

via Gamasutra

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