Ubisoft Films for Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon Enter Production


Movies for Ubisoft’s three biggest franchises are now in the works at the newly christened Ubisoft Motion Pictures. 3D films for Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon are in production, though work is so preliminary for the films that they don’t have scripts yet.

In addiction, Ubisoft Motion Pictures is also creating a CG miniseries based around Raving Rabbids, the Rayman spinoff. Variety reports that this series will be made of 78  seven-minute episodes, which is pretty awesome.

I’d like to look forward to these movies with something other than contempt and fear, but video game movies don’t have the best track record. Most of them are just bad – not even good/bad that means you can enjoy it in some sort of altered state. Maybe these movies will be good/bad? That’s about the best I’ll hope for, though.

[via Variety]

  1. Personally I think it’s pretty difficult to create a movie out of a video game. About 90% of most games entails walking around or shooting/stabbing someone. Most of the storytelling is done through the cutscenes and if you add them all up it probably only comes to about 30 mins at most (except MGS4, which had enough cutscenes to make 3 movies).

    Still, I’m pretty hopeful about Assassins Creed and Splinter Cell movies since they were pretty heavy on the story as games go. I think if the guys making the movies want to be really clever they’ll create new stories that are set in the same universe and follow the same characters. For example a movie depicting Alair’s story after the first Assassins Creed game, after all most of the people who go to the movie are going to have played the game already.

  2. Totally agree with you Cruisey. I think that Assassin’s Creed probably has the best chance of being a well-rounded movie, but we’ll see.

    The latest Splinter Cell was basically a Bourne movie in video game form, so I don’t think that’d be a very hard transition either.

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