Duke Nukem Forever Demo Date

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A new special message from Gearbox Software brings some good news this time. Duke Nukem First Access members will get a demo for Duke Nukem Forever on June 3 for all platforms. The game is still still coming out on June 14, which means we are now as close to a DNF release date as we have ever been.

Feels weird, doesn’t it?

If you don’t know what the First Access Club is all about, you can join by either purchasing the Borderlands: Game of the Year edition or pre-ordering Duke Nukem Forever.

  1. The FAC is a joke, it was meant for people to get the demo earlier than the public release, while this is still the case there are people(me included) that have been waiting months for this information, also they marked the dealine to select your platform of choice on the 15th which means that anyone who gets an FAC code now if they are still being given out, will be defaulted to the PC steam version, now maybe contacting the community moderators will get it changed but i’m not sure whats going on there as they haven’t said anything to that regard since they sent out the FAC email stating that the 15th Sunday would be the last day.

  2. Are you fucking serious?

    So only people who has already bought the game gets to try the demo?
    Do these people even goddamn know what the fuck a demo is for? :/

  3. that’s not really the point of a demo to pre-order the game first,
    but luckely for me, I bought borderlands a few months ago and got a first acces code
    didn’t expect it but what ever, i’m glad now :D

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