Beachhead Project Integrated into Call of Duty this Fall

Remember that “innovative new digital platform” being developed by dedicated Call of Duty house, Beachhead? As it turns out, Activision was totally serious about that, and it’ll be “an integral part to the innovation signature of the Call of Duty game that we’re releasing this year” said CEO of publishing, Eric Hirshberg.

The Beachhead project has been described as both an online and digital platform with social networking features, which could mean a lot of things, but Hirshberg assured that they’re “not attempting to monetize or take any experience away that currently comes as part of the value proposition of buying the game.” And that’s pretty much all we know for now. Activision will be releasing additional information in the coming weeks (read: at E3), and I’m sure we’ll all be split between being excited and disgusted.

[via Gamasutra]

  1. This following game WILL NOT!!!!! be created by Infinty Ward. Instead they are bringing in a new companies. The names are sledgehammer and crow. Basically one company works on the campaign and the other works on the multiplayer.
    So you can think it will be bad but in these following months they will be formed into each other to be the ultimate game.
    If you guys have any questions pr evidence to prove me wrong please email me at I am here to help give out news and etc. even unreleased info. and trailers.

  2. i’m happy wiv shooter games as long as i hear the words cover system and no kill streaks its a really dumb idea to reward the strong and punish the weak i think the oppersite would be more balancing so i dont see a game with 30 kills to 1 death ever again even if i am doing the killing its way to unfair on the new players.

  3. I think I will still save my preorder quota for Mass Effect 3; Black Ops scared me away from COD preordering.

  4. @Andrew Sledgehammer are developing the single player alongside Infinity Ward, Raven are taking care of the multiplayer which I imagine is because Infinity Ward did such a dire job last time. I imagine this will mean the multiplayer will not be plagued with bugs, balancing issues and that tiny issue of zero support from it’s developer, or at least one can hope but “Infinity Ward” who didn’t do a terrible job last time, they just failed to recognise their failings and deal with the issues their game had ‘not developing it’ even if they were not does not guarantee it not being bad.

    Take Black Ops for example, decent FPS game and a lot of the problems with MW2 had been addressed because it didn’t follow the same formula although it was similar, but it just wasn’t as fun and I had very little interest in it after I played a few MP matches. (Had a loan of my brothers for a night. I never actually bought it, I swore not to because it didn’t look fun from trailers and I am glad that I never did.)

  5. im not getting mw3 ulease its the greatest game ever, im going bf3

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