PSN Q&A #2 Contains Tiny Silver Linings

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Sony posted a follow-up Q&A yesterday that carried a few bits of good news. I guess the news isn’t good, but it’s not as terrible as the news they’ve been revealing lately, so that’s a change for the better.

According to the post, all trophies, friend lists, settings, download history, and PSN+ cloud saves will be intact and available for all users once the network comes back.

In addition, Sony makes passing mention of a “goodwill gesture” that will be extended to Free Realms / DC Universe Online / PlayStation Network / Qriocity users to compensate for the downtime. They don’t give any hints as to what that will be, but merely state that they are “evaluating ways to show appreciation for your extraordinary patience” for the time being.

There’s also a curt “Thank you for your continued feedback” at the end, which made me giggle. I’m sure they’re loving the feedback right about now.

  1. They should give everyone something like $100 after having our identities stolen and having to wait for at least a week till we can use psn

  2. or some whores n coke thated b good 2

  3. or give you a free Xbox…………..

  4. nice , free stuff.

    boss 1 : “yo , lets give em some free stuff , that will shut those bitches UP”
    boss 2 : “fo sure , fo sure , i’m thinking of giving them 5 dolla , thats what those bitches are worth”
    boss 1 : “hell yeah , up top!”
    ^thats how it happend.

    anyway , i think they there either gonna give us 5 free psn credits , or a free fucking minigame , while they actually owe me much more…something like a BJ would be nice.

  5. They provide a free network service and everyone wants compensation, Unless your paying for PSN plus you shouldn’t be complaining.

  6. i agree with Nick although i don’t use PSN plus, i do use free PSN. im not complaining about anything here and still love playstation like i always have. just saying that PSN plus users have lost a lot more personal data than free users, soo yeah.

  7. @Nick well said, good to see that there is one other sane person on the net

  8. @Josh “$100 after having our identities stolen” im pretty sure Sony doesn’t have my Social Security number, so no one can lose their identity because of this. And im sorry if you lost your identity somehow because of this, but if you think your identity is worth only $100, you are a sad person, you should go live in a cardboard box on the street if you aren’t already

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