Bethesda Would Survive Even if Skyrim Fails

Yesterday, our beloved Commander-in-Chief, or is it Editor-in Chief, Rob Smith gave you his impressions of the latest Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, saying “the taster we saw proved oh so sweet as another thousand-plus hours of potential gaming…looms ahead.” So, obviously, there’s little doubt that Skyrim will be pure and unadulterated awesome, but even if it turns out to be awful, Bethesda vice president, Pete Hines says the company would be just fine.

Speaking with, Hines said “…we expect big things and we’re planning big things, but we haven’t mortgaged our future such that the next game that comes out has to hit certain numbers or else we’re in big trouble. We’ve been built smarter and better than that.”

A lot of that “smart building” comes from the steady, however, measured acquisition of solid developers by Bethesda’s parent company, Zenimax, such as the recent acquisition of id Software. “I think we continue to look for opportunities,” Hines said. “We don’t think ‘we’re looking to acquire X.’ Like the id thing, it was just ‘we want to work with you guys — we like your games, we like what you do, how can we work together?'”

That restrained approach has kept Bethesda hiring and growing while others are firing and shrinking. It means we’ll be enjoying Bethesda games for a long time to come with little worry of the developer disappearing. Bethesda’s biggest upcoming titles include Skyrim, RAGE, Prey 2, Brink, and Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.

  1. This means that money isn’t the main concern for the publisher,which is one of the best things a developer can have.Hopefully this is really true,rather than empty words.

  2. i just cant wait for fallout 4:) i hope its reveled or something at e3

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