Red Faction Film Coming to SyFy


Red Faction is coming to televisions in a direct-to-TV movie on SyFy network June 4. Called Red Factions: Origins, this film will chronicle the adventures of Jake Mason, the son of Guerrilla’s Alex Mason and the father of Armageddon’s Darius Mason. For fans of Red Faction, this will be a fantastic opportunity to gain some insight into the family of the protagonists of these games. It’s going to be very tied to the games, so don’t expect this to be an example of “inspired by” to ruin the franchise for you. Director Michael Nankin has experience in the genre with episodes of Battlestar Galactica under his belt, and while he has never played the games, writer Andrew Kreisberg is said to have torn the games apart for the story.

What do you think? The whole premise sounds compelling, but unfortunately videogame movies don’t have the best track record and neither does SyFy. I’m generally expecting a laid-back and camp film, and fingers crossed we’ll receive a movie that is better than average.

Source Joystiq

  1. 100 bucks says it sux

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