Be in a Catherine Trailer

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Remember Catherine? Yep, that game with the boobs and sheep and stuff. Well, rather than try and promote this thoroughly abnormal game with a normal set of trailers, Atlus is instead soliciting videos from people answering these three questions:

1) Do you want to get married?
2) If so, and you happen to be seeing someone at the moment, to them?
3) If not, why?

All responses must be 720p resolution, and posted as a direct video reply to the above video. There are other fine print elligibility rules, so make sure to read those if you really want to potentially destroy your middling relationship on the Internet.

As someone who’s excited to dig into Catherine, I think this is a great way to promote the game. I’m also excited to see if any Internet drama occurs because of this.

  1. …is it so wrong of me to want to play this game? I believe my girlfriend might be inclined to say “yes” to that…then beat me senseless with the game case.

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