Mortal Kombat: Legacy Airing Exclusively on Machinima

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Oh boy, oh boy. I have a humdinger for you guys. You remember the awesome live action Mortal Kombat short/teaser/trailer/thing that poped up on YouTube right before last year’s E3, right? And you know that Warner Bros. liked it so much they decided to turn it in to a full-fledged web series starringĀ MichaelĀ Jai White as Jax and Jeri Ryan as Sonya, right? Well, we’re excited to announce that Mortal Kombat: Legacy will be airing exclusively on Machinima’s network.

The first full episode will premiere on April 12 during our four hour live stream of the game. Yup, that’s right. Along with the premiere of the live action series we’ll also be giving you an exclusive look at Mortal Kombat a week before it comes out. A whole cavalcade of special guests that I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to reveal just yet will be making appearances so it should be a good time.

After all that, we’ll be rolling out the other eight episodes (that’s nine in total) once a week over the course of the next couple of months. I personally haven’t had a peak at anything beyond the original video (I swear!) but can I confirm that of all the cool things that go on here at Machinima this may be one of the most exciting for me personally. The original video blew me away and I’ve got high hopes for the whole series. We’ll keep you guys updated as more details come together. So stay tuned.

  1. I did a squealy dance when I heard this. So awesome.


  3. The Immortals should be blasting in the office daily. It’s a fitting tribute that will get everyone psyched for the premiere. Prepare yourself!!!

  4. lookss sweet

  5. Super excited!!!! And it’s just in time for my birthday too! I just wanted to ask two quick questions: Will it be possible to watch the episodes when we want to or is watching them during the live stream the only option? Just hope you guys let us know the time it’ll happen cause April 12th is right around the corner. And the other question is how long will each of the 8 or 9 episodes be? 10 minutes? 20? 40? Would be cool if you let us know. Thanks!!! This is a big win for the Machinema Network and I’m excited for you guys! *two thumbs up*

  6. goro gives them 4

  7. looking forward to it amigo lol

  8. Sweet!!!!!

  9. give me more episodes of mortal kombat legacy

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