Master Quest coming to Ocarina of Time 3D

zelda 3d

Legend of Zelda fanboys can pick apart every entry of the franchise. From secret rooms in A Link to the Past to hidden Nintendo cameos in Ocarina of Time, there are a lot of little secrets for players to find. One of the biggest lost-moments in the Zelda timeline is the Master Quest, an official remix of Ocarina of Time. Developed with the 64DD add-on in mind (a failed attempt by Nintendo to pull a Sega and expand upon the N64), the Master Quest offers different versions of dungeons enemy layout, offering a bigger challenge for fans.

Master Quest released in 2003 as a pre-order bonus for Wind Waker, however it is somewhat rare and expensive. Fans of Ocarina of Time should be pleased to hear that Master Quest will be included in the 3DS remake of this Nintendo classic. A nice bonus, this makes the game feel all that fresher when it comes out this June.

GoNintendo via VG247

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