Double Fine’s Next Game: Trenched

The mech game you’ve been waiting for is coming from Double Fine, and it’s coming to XBLA. Shit just got real.

Double Fine is apparently on a mission to prove they’re the most versatile and bat-shit awesome studio in the world. From creating off-the-wall retail releases like Psychonauts and Brutal Legend, to their recent downloadable games Costume Quest and Stacking, to the upcoming Kinect game, Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, this studio’s portfolio is expanding to encompass nearly every genre and demographic.

Double Fine’s latest announcement is that they’re working on Trenched, a tower defense shooter in which you customize a mech from thousands of combinations such as huge cannons and deployable turrets and fight alongside other Mobile Trench Brigade members to bring down the Monovision invaders. The trailer on their site even suggests multiplayer: “march side by side with allies from around the world.”

And now, a screenshot ‘splosion:

[via ShackNews]

  1. I like that they’ve chosen the cell shaded look,it’s awesome.

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