Half-Life 2: Ep 3 Hinted At in Portal 2?


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Do you begin to drool uncontrollably at the mention of a new Half-Life game like myself? Would you literally murder a school bus of small children just to experience Gordon Freeman’s next…ummm, I mean, ahem… Yeah, yeah. Me neither. I will however play Portal 2 with the hopes that something, somewhere in the game will give some kind of clue about what to expect next from Valve. And it appears as though my hopes may not be completely unfounded.

All 50 of Portal 2‘s achievements have been posted over on Xbox360Achievements.org and one is entitled “Ship Overboard” with the description “Discover The Missing Experiment.” The keen folks over on reddit have made the connection between this and The Borealis which you may remember as a the wrecked ship mentioned in Half-Life 2: Episode 2 that housed some Aperture Science experiments gone awry (see video below).

However, reddit commenters were also quick to point out the fact that Portal 2 takes place hundreds of years past the events of the Half-Life series. This probably means we can either expect some time travel shenanigans or you’ll be visiting the Borealis and getting a look at it long after the events of Half-Life. It could be interesting either way.

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  1. Nice move by Valve.They never disappoint :)

  2. yeah. i can’t wait for ep 3. hopefully they’ll release a trailer or something at e3 this year

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