Magicka to Receive PvP

If you’ve played Magicka with friends, you know that the game’s delightfully unforgiving friendly-fire is its own PvP, however, unofficial. Nonetheless, Arrowhead Games is committed to adding the feature to Magicka in addition to the already announced free and paid DLC and the continued bug squashing effort.

“The community is already arranging PvP tournaments and we are learning a lot about balance by watching you play” said Arrowhead CEO, Johan Pilestedt, “[until PvP is implemented officially], I suggest you sign up for the unofficial tournaments and keep PvPing.”

It seems that Arrowhead never expected Magicka to be as popular as it has become, and the bug ridden launch left them feeling “frankly, somewhat ashamed” said Pilestedt. “Since Magicka released, the game and our team has received so much support and encouragement from all over the world and we want everyone to know how much we appreciate that.” Larger developers could learn a lot from the devotion Arrowhead has for its fans. From regular patches to incoming DLC, the team has demonstrated that they’re committed to delivering the best experience possible for a bargain. Let’s hope the good will they’ve demonstrated will be reciprocated by consumers on their next release as well.

[via Joystiq]

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