Batman: Arkham City Getting Comic Miniseries

The best Batman game of all time is not only getting a sequel sometime this year, it’s getting a six part comic miniseries tying up the loose ends between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

The Batman: Arkham City miniseries, which is written by Paul Dini, the writer of the games and Batman: The Animated Series and drawn by Carlos D’anda, the games’ concept artist, takes place one year after the first game and follows the many shenanigans that ensue when you allow the Batman villains to roam free in the city-within-a-city prison called Arkham City — a huge walled-off district within Gotham.

Both issues one and two will be hitting retail and digital distributors this May for $2.99 each. Between each comic release, an eight-page digital interlude will be available for $0.99. Following the completion of the series, a Batman: Arkham City collected edition will release containing all six issues and prints of the digital interludes.

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