Skyrim Will Have Lots of Dragons


Spotted over on NeoGAF is a recap of an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (job) preview from the new issue of Power Unlimited magazine. While a lot of it is pretty vague, there’s definitely new info to pull away. The world of Skyrim should be on par, size wise, with that of Oblivion. Players will be able to fast travel across it to locations they’ve been before, a la Fallout 3. Director Todd Howard also had some insight into the visual improvements they are planning.

“We primarily look at how we can improve facial expressions and animations, graphics-wise.”

“We are working at pop-up issues, and we want to make sure that the graphics of the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 are alike. All three will look just as good, aside from the higher resolution and the anti-aliasing of the PC of course.”

But perhaps the most important piece of news from this post?  “Dragons are not rare.” Plentiful amounts of dragons, you say? Count me in, Mr. Skyrim.

A full recap of all the tidbits revealed is below.

“There is no level cap. You will nevertheless not be able to choose all perks with one character.”

“Technically speaking, Skyrim is an evolution within The Elder Scrolls, and not a revolution (but everything looks fabulous). The magic of the world that Bethesda has created is nevertheless unequivocally present.”

“All weapons have different properties, which you can take advantage of by choosing the right perks. Maces ignore a percentage of armor, and axes have bleed damage over time.”

“You can use fast travel to revisit places you have visited earlier.”

“Skyrim is approximately as big as Oblivion.”

“Five big cities and more than 130 dungeons.”


“The overarching narrative of the Dragons is less prominent than the Oblivion Gates were in Oblivion, which does not give you the feeling that you are doing ‘useless’ quests when you lay aside the Main Quest.”

“Dragons are not rare.”

“Dungeons will be locked at their level once you have been there.”

“Even in third person, animations look really good. There has been a lot of progress since Oblivion.”

“You can read in-game books in 3-D.”

“Every item has a 3D-preview in the Flash based inventory, which you can twist, turn, rotate, etc. Sometimes you will solve puzzles by analyzing these 3D-previews. Not only armor and weapons can be explored in great detail, also small rings and herbs can be investigated from all possible angles. Every single item in the game can be previewed in the inventory screen.”

“The Dark Brotherhood is back.”

“Active blocking makes melee more fun to play.”

“More traps and puzzles.”

“Main Story is approximately 20 hours. Hundreds of hours for other quests.”

“Every dragon you kill will make you stronger. A piece of his soul will be transferred to yours.”

  1. KILL?!?!?! silly you, why would i kill a dragon? I want to ride it!

  2. I think… I am the first one to post here… shit… where did everybody go?

  3. Oblivion, technical mess that it was, was still one of the best RPGs of all time. And although it isn’t mentioned here, let’s hope that they have more than 6 voice actors for this one. ANd also, please let the color of characters’ bodies match the colors of their heads.

    Oblivion nitpicking aside, holy shit! This game is going to be so much better; I really hope they bring back levitation/jump spells from Morrowind. Getting around the world just is not the same without em. From what I’ve read elsewhere, the combat is going to play like a mix of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic plus Oblivion plus WoW (in the weapon stats). I cannot wait.

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