New Arkham City Trailer Teases Batman & Joker Co-op


Some new video that mysteriously popped up on French site Jeux Video today showing Batman and The Joker teaming up to beat henchman ass. The trailer is lacking in pertinent dialogue, meaning that it could just be a concept piece or a tease for a non-story related co-op mode. However, there are some moves in which Batman and the Joker work together for specific moves, which would work very well in a co-op setting under Arkham Asylum’s combat system

My guess is that Batman and The Joker won’t team up for the story / canon of Arkham City, but there will probably be a co-op mode similar to the combat arenas of the first game in which two players can fight against thug hordes for points.

However, bear in mind this is all speculation, and for all we know this video could just be a fan trailer. If this video is unofficial, you can bet Warner Brothers Interactive will let us know very soon.

[via Jeux Video]

  1. Pretty sure it’s real, WB is issuing takedown notices for the video on YT:

  2. That’s the last thing you’d expect from a Batman game,too bad it’s spoiled now,it would have really been a surprise for all the players.

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