Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced, Agito Becomes Type-0

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Square Enix set a new record for announcing things nobody wants to hear today. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a real game that is really coming out, releasing sometime this year in Japan and “next winter” in the West, which could mean 2011 or 2010. FFXIII Director Motomu Toriyama will also direct the sequel, so I hope you like long, pedantic, boring cutscenes.

In comparatively good news, Final Fantasy XIII Agito has been renamed Final Fantasy Type-0, which clears up the other domain registry mystery. The PSP game will release in Summer 2011 and come on two UMDs, providing even more room for those aforementioned boring cutscenes.

I know there are people out there still that like Final Fantasy despite the “fall down the stairs” and the black eye. I know you guys promise it’s different when you’re alone, but we both know it’s not. Get help, you’re better than that.

[via Siliconera, Siliconera]

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