DC Universe Online Launches Today


Comic book fans rejoice as today is the day you can don your virtual tights to fight crime in DC Universe Online, the latest MMO to ship from Sony Online Entertainment. For the PC and PS3, design your hero or villain and interact with DC characters in order to accomplish whatever your superpowered heart desires.

Most of you know all that already. The question on everybody’s mind is will DC Universe Online be able to survive against the World of Warcraft. Scientifically, a “universe” is bigger than a “world” so it should to fine. Sadly, its not that easy.

To date, very few subscription MMOs have been able to survive in the market since WOW launched. Most, like Lord of the Rings Online, had to go for the “Free-to-play” model once their subscriptions dried up. Sony and DC hope that they’re hitting a different market and can carve out their own niche. Only time will tell if they are successful.

via LA Times

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