You Don’t Know Jack Delayed

ydkj copy

The You Don’t Know Jack website now lists a release date of February 8, a slight delay from the game’s previous release date. It also features a substantially creepified bald head, which used to be a mascot of sorts for the game but now exists to give small children nightmares. If you’re familiar with Cookie Masterson and the special brand of¬†juvenile¬†humor from the quiz game, look forward to the game on basically every platform known to man. Also that means you probably remember the Flying Toaster screensaver. Wasn’t that awesome?

If you’re not, try the free sample on the website and try to beat my score (you totally can’t):


Am I smart or what? Although I just realized with it being in-browser you can just open a new tab and Google whatever question you want. That’s for cheaters though.

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