What if Michael Jackson was in Resident Evil 5?


Some questions I’ve never asked. Questions like “what if Mario and Sonic had a baby?” “what happens when you combine Thriller and Resident Evil” or “what do pork chops and whip cream taste like together?” I can’t say that the thoughts ever crossed my mind… until right now.

While zombie Michael Jackson may have been removed from Plants vs. Zombies, he made an appearance in Resident Evil 5 thanks to the recent Hot Toys ten year anniversary in Japan. They put forth this “what if” scenario in the form of a diorama. Thankfully, someone was there to take pictures.


I wonder if the people mad about the black zombies in the game would be mad at this?

via Kotaku

  1. Seriously?! Those guys have no remorse nor shame…

  2. I think is awesome. someone have to kill zombie-michael

  3. Wtfffffffff this is so random

  4. wow now i have seen it all

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