Microsoft Rejects Any Sexual Kinect Game


The company Thrixxx really wants to make a sex game for the Kinect. However, Microsoft isn’t having any of it. They have unequivocally stated that they will not allow AO rated content on the Xbox 360 or Kinect. My question is why?

Why do we have an AO rating at all in the US? It’s not like any adult games are ever released by a mainstream publisher. In addition to the fact that no store will carry AO games, the console makers themselves won’t approve any AO rated content. I suppose the reason for not having any AO games on the Xbox is the mainstream media. If they can call Mass Effect a “virtual porn simulator”, imagine what they would call an actual virtual porn simulator for the Kinect?  SeXbox anyone?

In Japan, racy games have their niche, but that’s never happened in the US. While we’ve had creepy porn games since the Atari 2600 (Custer’s Revenge), the publishers are just too afraid of the backlash.

via LA Times

  1. that’s probably why microsoft said no. because this company is not afraid so microsoft is remining people that an AO game is not allowed.

  2. This is stupid. We’re ok with virtually tearing the head off of another human being but god forbid we see a boob now and again.

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