The Witcher 2 Is Pretty Insane


Although I have yet to complete From Software’s 2009 dark fantasy RPG Demon’s Souls, I’ve played enough of it to know I’m a glutton for pain. There are fewer things more satisfying than willing your way through one of it’s brutal dungeons after being killed and sent to the┬ábeginning┬ácountless times. I was even a fan of Diablo 2‘s hardcore mode, a game setting that ended your character’s life for good if they died.

So needless to say I’m pretty intrigued by the recently revealed insane difficulty setting for The Witcher 2. Talking to Eurogamer, The Witcher 2′s lead gameplay designer, Mateusz Kanik, explained that the game will have four difficulty settings. Easy, medium, hard, and insane. In insane, players will only have one life and when they die, that’s it. Game over.

“You can save the game, but when you die the saves are disabled.” Said Kanik

“It won’t be easy to not fight the monsters. We fixed that by giving all opponents special abilities which allow them to catch the Witcher.”

The very nature of a huge, non-linear style RPG like The Witcher 2 is being billed to be will probably mean the game could take quite some time to complete. A permadeath run would be pretty, well, insane. But don’t worry, if you managed to do it you’ll be rewarded.

“There will be an achievement for that, for sure.”

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