Rumor: Raven Developing Next Bond Game


A report by James Bond fan site MI6 portends that Raven Software is now tasked by Activision with making the next James Bond licensed video game. According to the report, this project had been suspended when MGM Grand entered bankruptcy proceedings, at which point Raven worked on DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now that MGM’s bankruptcy plan has been approved, work can resume on the project.

Sounds like your run of the mill rumor, except that a demo reel posted by animator Hanjin Song included some footage from said game. The original posting has of course been yanked, but once on the Internet, always on the Internet. Viewable at Eurogamer, the clip shows Bond moving behind cover, punching the hell out of some goons, engaging in a free running foot chase similar to the opening scene of Casino Royale, and slamming a dude’s head into a toilet in a rather Splinter Cell: Conviction sort of way.

Raven’s a kick ass developer though and I’m excited to see what they could do with the Bond license. Let’s just hope they don’t get shut down weeks after its release, eh?

[via NeoGAF, Eurogamer, MI6]

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