EA Releasing Fewer Games in 2011


In addition to ditching movie licenses, EA head John Riccitello told the Global Media Summit that the retail game approach is slumping. Shifting their focus to digital download and social games, EA plans to reduce their retail releases drastically next year.

I think they’re still miffed that Zynga now has a higher valuation then they do.

Whatever the reason, it looks like EA will only release between 20 and 30 new retail games next year. That’s down from 35 this year and even more the year before. With development costs sky high, the risks seen in a full retail release are just too large. Why spend 15 million dollars developing a console game when you could spend less than a million to make a game for Facebook?

Hopefully, this will mean that the games they do end up releasing will be the highest quality games out there. No more Army of Two games, please.

via Reuters

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