5th Cell Predictably Hype on 3DS


The developers that have made their home on the Nintendo DS are understandably excited about the upcoming 3DS.

“When we were working on Hybrid, we [had to] decide whether we wanted to do a Kinect game or a core title. Microsoft said, ‘You can do Kinect!’ We checked it out, and decided we’d rather do this,” 5th Cell Co-Founder Jeremiah Slaczka said.

The studio isn’t just chomping at the bit to develop for the PlayStation Move either.

“Move is okay. It’s Wii plus. It’s good for what it is,” Slaczka said. “Ultimately it’s all about the system. If the idea makes sense, then we can do it and we will. But it’s all about the idea.”

So what platform is 5th Cell abuzz about? Guess.

“The 3DS is cooler in our opinion,” Slaczka said. “The 3D camera is probably the most interesting thing that’s the least talked about.”

Don’t except a 5th Cell game on the 3DS just yet, though, as they’re currently working on the post-apocalyptic shooter Hybrid on the Xbox Live Arcade.

[via Eurogamer]

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