Kinect Sold 26k in First Two Days of Japanese Launch


We’ve heard rumblings from retailers that the Kinect isn’t setting the land of the rising sun aflame. Those feelings are in line with sales numbers released by Media Create, which pegged the unit sales of the Kinect at 26,000 for the first two days of its shelf life. This is about half the sales of the PlayStation Move, which itself didn’t sell all that well.

Kinect software didn’t light up the registers either, with Konami’s Dance Masters taking the top spot with a paltry 6,000 units and ranked 24th in sales for the week. Kinect Sports hit 45th, and no other titles managed to rank in the top 50.

The Kinect is floundering in Japan, but nobody really expected it to do any different. It’s possible a few breakout titles could turn the tides, but it’s even more possible that Microsoft just doesn’t consider the territory to be a prime market anymore.

[via Andriasang]

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