Microsoft Suggests, Denies that Kinect Will Harvest Your Info for Advertising


You know that guy that makes annoying sexual jokes to every girl around him, and if anyone ever tries to call him out on being pathetic or overbearing, he just goes ‘hey I’m just joking lighten up!’ That’s pretty much what Microsoft did regarding statements made by Xbox Division COO and CFO Dennis Durkin.

“We can cater which content we present to you based on who you are. How many people are in the room when an ad is shown? How many people are in the room when a game is being played? When you add this sort of device to a living room, there’s a bunch of business opportunities that come with that,” Durkin said at an investor conference presentation.

Of course he’d say that to investors – nothing gets an investor’s mouth salivating like an untapped market, and new ways to cater to them. Had Durkin been speaking to a populous of security-concerned customers, his message would probably be quite different.

How amusing, then, that the message changed when it hit that populous! Since then, Microsoft issued the following statement:

Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE do not use any information captured by Kinect for advertising targeting purposes. Microsoft has a strong track record of implementing some of the best privacy protection measures in the industry. We place great importance on the privacy of our customers’ information and the safety of their experiences.

So basically, if you’re an investor, imagine all the money they’ll make advertising to people. If you’re a consumer, rest assured they will never use your information to target you for advertising. Microsoft must really be enjoying the taste of that cake it has.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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