My Kingdom for a Headphone Jack!


Ever since I had to disconnect my stereo amp, I’ve been without surround sound. That’s not a big deal. However, I’ve also been without a headphone jack, which downright sucks.

Like many gamers, there are people in my household who don’t want to hear the games that I play. Especially when I wake up early in the morning, I don’t want to wake others with my gaming.

That’s why I miss my Genesis.

The first generation of the Sega Genesis had a headphone jack built in. Simply plug your headphones into the front of the console, adjust the volume slider, and you’re good to go. Why hasn’t anyone else done this?

Even the 2nd generation Genesis didn’t have the headphone jack. Doing a little research, the answer is what you might expect. Cost.

In order to mount a headphone jack, you also need an internal amp. You also need a volume knob. All these internal components cost money, but there is so much useless tech in some consoles that you wonder why they chose one feature over another.

How many of us have ever used the memory card slots on the front of both the Xbox and the PS3? How about that IR receiver for a remote? I believe that more gamers would use a quality headphone jack than either of those. That doesn’t even mention all those useless “expansion slots” that have been on consoles for generations.

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