Capcom Expected DMC Outcry

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The recently-revealed Devil May Cry reboot sparked a predictable outcry from fans, Capcom relates. Why? Simply because it is different.

“I will argue that any changes will bring about a knee-jerk reaction from fans,” Capcom Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development Christian Svensson said.

According to Svensson, the original design for the DmC reboot coming from Ninja Theory was actually more in line with the series as its known. Capcom wanted them to go a new direction.

“The original concepts that came back for Dante were actually extremely close to the Dante everyone knows and loves,” Svensson said. “The feedback that came back from [Keiji] Inafune and [Hideaki] Itsuno was, ‘No guys, this needs to be completely different, we need you to go much further and be much more creative.'”

Though several iterations, the development team arrived at the radically different Dante we see in the trailer. Not only does it make the series more original, but it gets people talking.

“We knew that going into it,” Svensson said. “To be fair, I think some of the strategy here was to create that discussion and dialogue, and I think it drastically raises the visibility of the title versus if we had just done another Dante.”

Regardless of how wound up fans get about the new look, Svensson is confident they’re going down the correct path for the game.

“This is meant to be an origin story, so this is Dante before you knew who Dante was. There are going to be some interesting changes and twists to what people think they know about Dante or where he came from. We aren’t planning on deviating greatly from the path that is there,” Svensson said. “There may still be some tweaks here or there – I’m not privy to what’s going on – but by and large that will be the direction the team is going down.”

Hear that nerds? Sometimes different isn’t bad, so calm the hell down.

[via IGN]

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