EA: Wii to Move a “straight map”


While discussing the PlayStation 3 Move port for Dead Space: Extraction, Dead Space 2 Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis related how easy the process was to translate a Wii game over to the PlayStation Move.

“One of the things with the PlayStation Move is it’s a little bit more accurate,” Papoutsis said. “The other thing is the visuals have improved since it’s on a PS3.┬áBut in general it’s similar. It’s not a night and day difference between the Wii version and the PS3 version. I’m very proud of the game the team created. It’s an excellent game. Now we get hopefully more people to experience it on a system they have.”

Papoutsis continued to draw parallels between the Move and Wii.

“And there is a sensitivity setting, so you can crank that up if you want to get the cursor to work a little bit faster. But for the most part it was a pretty straight map over in terms of what the controls do.”

This seemingly contradicts previous claims from Sony that the Move is not simply a “Wii HD.” With a similar controller, similar aesthetic, similar detection technology, and now developers chiming in with how similar the platforms are, such claims will be difficult to substantiate.

[via Eurogamer]

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