Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert, K.I.S.S.I.N.G


The dream team responsible for The Secret of Monkey Island has reunited for a new game at Double Fine Productions. What it is or when it will release is a complete mystery.

“For the last couple of months Tim has been loaning me his desk here, as he has in the past,” Gilbert said in an interview with Kotaku. “We have just been talking about different ideas I’ve had for games, kinda going back and forth like we do, and then Tim suggested, ‘Hey why don’t you come here and build this thing.'”

Gilbert continued to talk around the subject at hand, at the very least saying that the game won’t be similar to his most recent project DeathSpank.

“The old adventure games are something that could come back. The Monkey Island stuff did very well on the iPad and the rerelease on XBLA. I think there are a lot of people who really do enjoy that kind of game. I think they really could come back,” Gilbert said. “That’s not saying I’m making an adventure game.”

More questions than answers at current, but a world that allows these two to collaborate on games is a very kind one.

[via Eurogamer, Kotaku]

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