Aardman Animation Working on Rabbids


It’s amazing what gets leaked by a simple job posting. This last week, the UK animation world began discussing a recent posting from stop-motion giants, Aardman. Makers of Wallace & Gromit, Aardman has made some of my favorite animation pieces ever.

Now, it looks like they are working with Ubisoft on bringing the Raving Rabbids to television. Given the hilarious shorts they release in support of their games, I’m very optimistic about bringing their deranged bunny antics to television.

If you don’t know Aardman, and you have Netflix, many of their shows are streaming on your console right now. Watch any of the Wallace & Gromit shorts, especially The Wrong Trousers, and you’ll be excited about Aardman working on the Rabbids as well.

via Bleeding Cool

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