Rumor: Tomb Raider 9 Will Be An Open World Game


The latest in the land of rumors pegs the next Tomb Raider game, tentatively titled Tomb Raider 9, as an open world game. The newly released issue of PC Gamer mentions that it will be “set on a Japanese island, the idea is to have one, cohesive level with multiple ways around the puzzles.” The magazine also mentions that it will tie in to the Tomb Raider canon as a prequel to the first game. “We’ll also be exploring Lara’s origins, so she’ll be younger and inexperienced in the ways of raiding tombs.”

I’m beginning to lose track in how many reboots the Tomb Raider series has had at this point. However, the quality with which Crystal Dynamics delivered Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light this summer, I have high hopes for the next Tomb Raider game.

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