Move Designer: Buttons Are Irreplacable


Touting the philosophical line antithetical to the Microsoft Kinect, PlayStation Research & Development Developer Dr. Richard Marks shared his ideas behind the development of Sony’s PlayStation Move.

“Buttons are irreplaceable as an input device. Too many buttons are overwhelming, but one single action button is very powerful feeling,” Marks said. “For core games you really do need a set of buttons to quickly choose things. Trying to replace buttons with gestures doesn’t work very well.”

While Marks is adamant that the PlayStation Move will enable new gaming experiences, the launch lineup has left most gamers non-plussed due to their proximity to extant Wii titles. This is because developers had to plan titles before they even had access to the Move hardware.

“I think what you see now is the set of experiences people knew they’d be able to do with Move before they even had it in their hand, and it’s also their first design experience with it. It takes time to be an expert when designing a new capability,” Marks said.

Marks also speculates on when this new capability will be utilized.

“I think very quickly you’ll see some very new kinds of concepts in small doses, like in PSN games. I think game developers will investigate what’s fun and what isn’t and then the things which really do feel great will go into the more triple-A titles,” Marks said.

Move should also open existing genres to more experimentation.

“Realtime strategy is the easiest one to answer with. It’s just not a genre which exists on the console and I think Move will enable it. There’s actually ways to explore it which are different to what you’ll think of,” Marks said. “You can use Move as a direct mouse replacement but you can use it as more than that.”

[via Edge Online]

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