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Dead Space 2

What does spiritual nirvana have to do with Dead Space 2? Nothing at all, which is why I took the above picture at a Dead Space 2 event. Held at a club called Temple, the upstairs was all peace and spirituality while Necromorphs took over the basement.

Except that this time, I got to be a Necromorph. You do not know the joy of becoming one with the Necromorph hive mind as I do. It is a joy only tempered when some damn human chops my arms off.

When one falls, however, there are plenty to take their place.

Dead Space 2_MP_6

Dead Space was a great game with one of the most detailed universes ever. It had comics, books, and even an animated prequel. The only thing it was missing was multiplayer, which is something the sequel intends to rectify.

The best thing about the multiplayer is the ability to play as the Necromorphs. Take control of the Spitter, Lurker, Puker, or the Pack. Reminiscent of the multiplayer Aliens from the original Aliens vs. Predator PC game, they each have their own playstyle and weapons. The Lurker was by far my favorite. There’s nothing like hanging upsidedown on a map shooting humans from a surprising direction.

Dead Space 2_MP_3

Don’t get me wrong, playing as the humans is fun too. The multiplayer for humans is all about teamwork and accomplishing the objective. If you run off on your own, you will be eaten. Though individual humans are more powerful than their dead brethren, there are a lot more Necromorphs than humans in the game.

The maps are played 4 vs 4, but there’s an interesting feature that balances the humans and Necromorphs. Namely, the Necromorphs actually have bots on their side. It’s a unique way to balance the game and really shows that the developers are thinking about how the multiplayer fits in the greater game universe.

Dead Space 2_MP_1

The objectives are varied too. On one map, it was the goal of the humans to detonate a bomb. This required several steps and a final arming countdown. Obviously, you have to defend the bomb from the Necromorphs until it goes off, ridding the area and winning the map. We then switched sides and my goal was to stop the humans any way possible.

Another map had the humans navigate a multi-story map, flipping switches along the way in order to enable the escape pods. Each switch takes time to switch, so teamwork by the humans  is a necessity. Once all the switches are flipped, its every man for himself in a mad dash to the escape pods and safety. At least, that’s how we played it…

I’m always skeptical when a single player game adds multiplayer, but the designers of Dead Space 2 have made sure that the multiplayer is not just added on and seems to enhance the overall gameworld. Come January, I promise that I’ll be the one eating you before my arms are lopped off.

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