Machinima gets some LA Times Love


Humility is a virtue that I lack. Though I am the best in the world at many things, I just can’t be humble. Some people might not toot their own horn, but that’s just because they’re afraid it would sound a sour note.

Along those lines, and a number of its featured directors were profiled in the LA Times today. High quality machinima is becoming more and more common, emphasized by the work of directors like Jordan Mathewson, also known as Kootra.

The stuff that guy got Mass Effect 2 to do is awesome.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Mathewson’s Reprisal is well worth watching. Since Mass Effect 2 doesn’t have movie tools, he actually hacked the game to manipulate the game engine. Impressive to say the least.

Check it out:

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It’s great that machinima is finally getting some respect. Hopefully, this LA Times article is a harbinger of good things to come.

via LA Times

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