Gamestop Hosting Lame Halo: Reach Event Tomorrow


This one will be exciting for people that just can’t get enough Halo… I guess. 1,100 Gamestops around the nation will host after hours events tomorrow (August 6) to promote Halo: Reach. The event is composed of a video wherein an MLG pro will dole out some tips for a game that isn’t out yet, some new in-game footage from Halo: Reach, and a raffle to win Halo: Reach Legendary Edition (that you won’t get until the launch date).

So essentially you’re going to a Gamestop to watch a video that will probably be on YouTube the next day, and to enter a raffle you probably won’t win. Bolly. It’ll be a good opportunity to meet up with other Halo fans I guess, collect some Xbox Live gamertags so you have some folks to throw down with on launch day (September 14). The events begin at 9pm local time, and you can check out Gamestop’s page to find a participating store near you.

[Gamestop via Joystiq]

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