Machinima Weekly Review Round-up


The last couple weeks have been good for gaming. The next few are fairly empty except for Madden. If you haven’t tried Limbo or DeathSpank, they deserve a download. For the RPG game on the go, the new Dragon Quest on Nintendo DS is right up your alley.

We’ve got a lot of reviews this week, so let’s start with my favorite.

Limbo – Artwork in motion. Short but sweet.

Alan Wake: The Signal - DLC done wrong. Offers nothing new.

Young Thor - Fun, but flawed.

Dragon Quest IX – Sentinels of the Starry Sky – If you own a DS and love RPGs, get this game.

DeathSpank – 10 hours of fun hack-and-slash for $15. Good deal.

Tournament of Legends - Far from a legendary fighter.

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