Fourth Mass Effect Novel Planned


Here’s some good news for you, you book-loving nerd. In an interview with BigDownload, novelist William C. Dietz revealed that he’s currently working on a book in the Mass Effect universe. While Dietz didn’t reveal any details regarding the novel’s story, he did mention that the book was due to the publisher in 2011 among discussing his arduous research on the subject.

“I do play games regularly, and was busy working my way through the latest Call Of Duty game, when I was hired to write a Mass Effect tie-in. So I had to switch and play all of the ME games. Full time. For a week. It’s tough to be me,” Dietz said.

This book comes after three penned by Drew Karpyshyn, one of Bioware’s lead writers. Dietz himself has already published several books based on video game properties, including Hitman, Halo, and a Starcraft II novel that serves as prequel to the upcoming game.

[via BigDownload]

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