Knights of the Old Republic 2: True Ending

The Knights of the Old Republic MMO looking freaky good. It looks to be what we really wanted out of Star Wars Galaxy and more. The developers at Bioware are openly calling it Knights of the Old Republic 3, which reminds me how much I loved the first one… and was disappointed by the second.

75% of KOTOR2 was great, but that last 25% was just unfinished. With large chunks of content sacrificed on the alter of a deadline by the developer Obsidian, it really felt rushed. Thankfully, industrious geeks have given us a good idea of what we were missing. Reconstructed from assets still on the disc, you get a fuller ending with an adventure on a droid planet.

While this is not official in any way, its interesting to see attempts at finishing a game that was 75% genius. Maybe we can get an an official remake in HD. I sure would love to play KOTOR 1&2 with bug fixes and a new coat of paint.

Until that mythical day, enjoy what might have been.

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