60% of Xbox Live Subscriptions due to Call of Duty


Bobby Kotick, head of Activision and famous sufferer of verbal diarrhea, has now claimed to the Financial Times that “We’ve heard that 60 per cent of [Microsoft’s] subscribers are principally on Live because of Call of Duty.”

That seems a ridiculously high number, especially given that my friends list has moved on to other games. But he’s not finished.

“We don’t really participate financially in that income stream. We would really like to be able to provide much more value to those millions of players playing on Live, but it’s not our network.”

He’s not done yet. Remember, this is the same guy who wanted to charge more than $60 for new games and said that on record.

He goes on to talk about a future with PCs that connect to the TV. Similar to the arguments in favor of the Google Android, he wants a non-proprietary console for gamers. Of course, he wants it so that Activision can find more ways to charge you directly instead of paying royalties to Microsoft or Sony.

He’s also expressed interest in an MMO version of Call of Duty. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun, but I’ve never been able to play more than one MMO at a time. I’m not the biggest fan having every game I enjoy become one.

Finally, he talks about Kinect and hopes it will help revive Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. I’m not sure what he means by that, but I’m sure we’ll see those franchises attempt to take advantage of Kinect when it ships.

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