iDress, iTees Prove iPad Owners Have Too Much Money


I’m sure this has happened to you – you’ve just dropped $500 on an iPad, but now your skinny arms are trembling at the sheer weight of its 1.5lb bulk.  “Woe,” you say, “if only I had overpriced clothing to hold my overpriced computer!” Well fret no longer, because iClothing offers the iDress and iTee to remedy your marsupial storage desires. While the dresses and shirts are nothing more than clothing with an iPad-sized pouch sewn on, they’re selling for $75 and $36 respectively (after conversion to USD from AUD). To make matters worse, the iDress is already sold out. Until things like this stop happening, no one is allowed to complain about a recession.

iClothing via tuaw

  1. I wouldn’t be caught dead with a stupid overpriced shirt like that, let alone an iPad itself. :P

    I am quite content with my iPod Touch!

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